BITUG Chairman’s Chat (Winter 2012)

Dear Members, A very Happy Nonstopping New Year To You All (The World Didn’t End After All !)

I’m delighted to take over the reins of BITUG from Damian and look forward to an enjoyable period as your Chair. A big thank you goes out to Damian for steering us through the last 12 months. With the Chairmanship comes certain responsibilities, and I hope that I can fulfil those and much more in the coming year.

My aims for 2013 are very simple:

(a) To ensure that we continue to provide a meaningful service to all members.

(b) To build on the successful collaboration with our partners and Chapters around the world (Connect, GNUG, FTUG, HP etc).

(c) To bring BITUG into the 21st Century with an updated Web site taking full advantage of using Social Media.

Thank you for your continued support and attendances over the last year at the various events that BITUG organised. My partners in crime are busying themselves once again and finalising a programme for the next twelve months or so (dates to be published).  

After the success of last year’s events, we know we have our work cut out to ensure that we deliver even more this year, but I believe that we are up for the challenge to deliver ( an even better programme). One thing I will be looking to improve is the number of user presentations that we provide, however, user presentations would normally need the inclusion of a user or 2, so be prepared for an approach. In the meantime I look forward to your participation and meeting you at our future events and functions and hope that you make full use of the website and Linked-in to keep updated as to what is happening on our beloved (and the only true fault tolerant) platform.

The presentation material from the last 12 months (Little SIG and Big SIG) is now available for download from the BITUG website.

The next committee meeting is to be held on Tuesday the 5th February. If any members have anything they wish to be raised, then please send an email via the BITUG website and I will ensure that it is put onto an agenda.

Rick Stather BITUG Chairman