BITUG Committee

Damian Ward - Solution Architect / NonStop Atchitect, VocaLink
damian.ward @

Vice-Chairman and Vendor Liaison
Collin Yates - NonStop Division Service Manager at TCM Solutions
collin.yates @

Dave Ross
david.ross @

HPE Liaison
Iain Liston-Brown - Presales Consultant at HPE
iain.liston-brown @

SIG Coordinator
Kevin Poultney - BrightStrand International
Kevin.Poultney @

SIG Coordinator
Robert Waldron - HP NonStop Infrastructure at Barclays
Robert.waldron @

SIG Coordinator
Neil Barnes - NonStop Management, Lloyds Banking Group
neil.barnes @

SIG Coordinator
Paul Brown - Lloyds Banking Group
paul.brown @

SIG Coordinator
Dave Worrell - HSBC
dave.worrell @

SIG Coordinator
John Bycroft - Comforte
john.bycroft @

Are you a member of the BITUG community and would like to join the committee? Please let us know by emailing