if you are interested in Whisky tasting, we'd like to offer you a 50 minute tour at The Whisky Experience on the Royal Mile (very near castle). 

What we offer is:

  • Take a Whisky barrel car ride through the production and maturation of Scotch whisky.  

  • Introduction to Scotch whisky aromas.  

  • A tutored appreciation of Scotch whisky (under 18s will be given Irn Bru).  

  • Viewing of the world’s largest collection of Scotch whisky.  

  • Gift of a crystal tasting glass

Spaces are very limited - 50 people maximum - so it will be on a first-registered, first-come basis.

There will be no cost to you for this - it's sponsored by BITUG 

There are two tour time slots available. One starts at 13:40 and the other at 13:50. Each tour lasts 50 minutes. You will be allocated a time after registration if successful. You will need to make own way to The Whisky Experience (www.scotchwhiskyexperience.co.uk).

Registration for the Whisky Experience Tour ends 20 April, 2019 or when the 50 places run out - whichever comes first!

PLEASE do not register unless you definitely intend on taking the tour, as no-shows prevent others from joining and costs BITUG. Please be fair to your fellow Nonstoppers. Of course we know that sometimes a no-show can be unavoidable and therefore acceptable with good reason. If we have any spaces available (due to a last minute cancellation for example) we’ll notify everyone of the free slot on the Whova app, so if you did miss out and wanted to attend - and you’re in the area on the day - you have a chance to do so!

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