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Opening Keynote: A NonStop Journey

Session Overview: We'll be going on “Jimmy’s NonStop journey”; The early years of his time at HP, the founding of Tandem Computers Inc. including the design and cultural philosophies and his visions for IT at the time; all of which helped create a $2b company and how he can now reflect on the ingredients which are needed to build a successful company. He will also talk about his time of working with Tom Perkins and literally the founding of the VC’s, Venture Capitalism. He will talk about his visions for the future and some of the projects he is still actively involved with today and how he believes the original 1970s design philosophies are even more relevant in the 24 hour digital world of today and the future. The session will close with a Q&A.

Speaker: James (Jimmy) Treybig, MBA, BSEE, BA and founder of Tandem Computers Inc.

Speaker Bio: Jimmy Treybig founded Tandem Computers, a pioneering Silicon Valley manufacturer of fault tolerant computer systems which were marketed to the growing number of transaction processing customers who used them for ATMs, banks, stock exchanges and other similar needs.

He attended Rice University, where he received a B.A. degree in 1963 and a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering in 1964, and Stanford Graduate School of Business, where he earned an MBA in 1968.

He then served as marketing section manager on the HP 3000 project. He left in early 1973 to join Tom Perkins (ex-General Manager of HP Data Products Division) at Kleiner Perkins venture capital Company to start Tandem Computers. He served as its CEO from 1974 to 1996. Under his leadership, Tandem delivered its first product in 1976, first issued public stock in 1977, and in 1980 was ranked by Inc. magazine as the fastest growing public company in America. When Jimmy retired in 1996, Tandem was a $2.3 billion company employing approximately 8,000 people worldwide.

In August 2002, Jimmy joined New Enterprise Associates as a Venture Partner-based out of Austin, TX and still lives in Austin today.  

Jimmy was featured in documentary film Something Ventured which premiered in 2011.


NonStop SQL/MX 3.5 DBS Explained


Session Overview: SQL/MX 3.5 includes a brand new component called Database Services or DBS. You may have heard that this is providing "cloud" properties to the product. But what does that mean? This presentation will discuss the details of the implementation. How DBS builds on the existing functionality to provide functionality that allows quick provisioning of databases even by end-users. How users are isolated from each other, but also which parts of the NonStop server are shared resources. Understand this and you'll understand also how this ties in with future virtualization of NonStop.

Speaker: Frans Jongma

Speaker Bio: Frans is a Master Technologist for the NonStop Advanced Technology Center (ATC) and is based in Europe in The Netherlands. Frans has worked in several consulting positions for the NonStop Enterprise Division since 1989. His main areas of expertise are: NonStop SQL (MP as well as MX), application design, performance analysis and high-availability. Prior to joining Tandem, Frans has worked on the design and implementation of database management systems and developer productivity tools for UNIX and proprietary systems. Over the years he has been advocating the use of new technologies that operate in the HP Open Systems Services (OSS) environment, such as NonStop Server for Java and NonStop SQL/MX software.

Only Floss Between The Teeth You Want To Keep


Overview: It's my dentist's mantra and it makes total sense: You only need to floss between the teeth you don't want to rot and fall out. The same "look after them or lose them" philosophy applies to PAN data: you should only be concerned about the payment card data you don't want to lose: ALL OF IT! But unlike teeth, which you can confidently say 100% reside in your mouth, PANs have a habit of cropping up where they shouldn't, often in the most unlikely of places on your NonStop system.

As well as discussing where our customers have found PANs and how PANfinder can reduce risk for your organisation we'll also be introducing Identity Detective, which is our new real-time file and system integrity monitor.

Speaker: Daniel Lewis, Director, 4tech Software

Speaker Bio: Dan's a relative newcomer to the NonStop field, having started 'just' eight years ago doing marketing for XYPRO in Europe. Six years ago he co-founded 4tech Software, which started its business by fulfilling the need for a card data discovery tool on the NonStop platform. He's been on the BITUG Committee for the last four years.

PCI DSS 3.2 and what it means for the NonStop


Session Overview: With the advent of PCI DSS version 3.2 there are a number of significant changes that affect the HPE NonStop environment. This session will provide details of what organisations need to do to satisfy these new requirements. While being PCI DSS compliance is important, as recent high profile data breaches have shown us, it is not the same thing as being secure. With this in mind, this session will focus not just on being PCI DSS compliant, but also on making sure that your systems are secure.

Speaker: Greg Swedosh, Knightcraft Technology

Speaker Bio: Greg Swedosh is a specialist in security and PCI DSS compliance for the HPE NonStop platform. Having initially worked at Tandem Computers, he is now the owner and senior consultant of Knightcraft Technology and over the last two decades, has provided NonStop professional services for a large range of customers in Asia-Pacific, the USA and Europe. He has also performed PCI assessments for NonStop customers on behalf of a QSA. Greg is a regular presenter on NonStop security and compliance, he is the primary author of the technical white paper PCI Compliance For HPE NonStop Servers and is a contributing author of the book Securing HP NonStop Servers In An Open Systems World. Greg can be contacted at greg.swedosh@knightcraft.com. A new version of the PCI DSS compliance white paper for PCI DSS 3.2 can be downloaded from www.knightcraft.com.

Open up Your NonStop using REST services


Session Overview: RESTful web APIs are ubiquitous—everyone is using them.  Learn how easy it is to integrate NonStop applications with applications and services on any platform, including IoT devices.  This presentation will provide an overview, uses cases, and demos to show how your NonStop applications can provide and consume REST Web services in a snap.

NuWave’s LightWave Server product, allows you to expose your existing NSK or Pathway servers as industry-standard REST services.  These services can then be accessed using JSON messaging by REST clients running on virtually any computing platform, including IoT devices.

NuWave’s LightWave Client product, allows applications running on NonStop servers to securely access REST Web services anywhere, on any platform or operating system through the NSK interprocess message (IPM) system.

Speaker: David Ross DMS (Diploma in Management Studies), Regional Sales Manager, NuWave Technologies

Speaker Bio: David, a former Chairman, Vice Chairman and current committee member of the British Isles NonStop user group (BITUG) has had a long career in the HPE NonStop environment. Following a 14 year career in Tandem Computers UK, David has been working “NonStop” ever since and today is the Regional Sales Manager for NuWave Technologies.
Founded in 1999 with blue chip clients around the world, NuWave are the middleware specialists for HPE NonStop servers.


NonStop Database Services and Futures


Session Overview: The database landscape has never changed as quickly as in the last 15 years. Big data, cloud computing and analytics are expected services but in practice implementations face a proliferation of database instances where data is scattered and duplicated up to 10 times within IT. Come to this session to see how HPE NonStop SQL existing strength combined with recent and future additions is proving to be a unique and unmatched offering to power the digital core in your enterprise, including significant cost reduction benefits for your IT yet managing to improve the overall user experience.

NonStop Database Best Practice


Session Overview: HPE is investing heavily in Nonstop SQL. If you have not noticed already, SQL/MX 3.4 and 3.5 have introduced a plethora of new features like never before in its history. This session will include an overview of those features and how they effectively improve performance, manageability and availability and even widen the scope of applications that can run with SQL/MX..

Speaker: Roland Lemoine, HPE

Speaker Bio: Roland has been working on NonStop for 22 years and is currently product manager for database, languages and development products. Previous experience includes customer support for middleware products, Open Source advocacy and a strong UNIX background.


All Inclusive Issuing with HPNS

Session Overview: to follow

Speaker: Paul Chandler, FSS Technologies

Speaker Bio: Paul is Business Leader & Business Development professional with EMEA and Sub-Sahara Africa Payments expertise and over twenty years hands on experience. He is a former Rank Xerox Sales Management Graduate (1982-1987) and also a bilingual German speaker having lived and worked in Europe for many years.  Paul holds a BA(Hons) Business Administration from the Nottingham Trent University.

S series to NonStop NS3X Migration

Session Overview: This presentation is about the hands on experiences of a successful migration from obsolete S86000’s with XP10000 to modern x86 based NonStop NS3’s with BackBox & StoreOnce and internal SSDs. It covers the reasons for the migration, PCI/DSS requirement and end-of-support of the previous platform and shares a number of real life experiences…

Speaker: Lau Meijer

Speaker Bio: Lau is a senior and weathered NonStop Systems Specialist with over 25 Years of experience with NonStop at various NonStop users.

Using DevOps tools for HPE NonStop Servers


Session Overview: This presentation shows how modern DevOps tools can help system managers to deploy software on their NonStop servers. Especially with the arrival of the HPE Virtual NonStop these tools can help to setup a working copy for development and QA servers. In these cases it is often necessary to duplicate known software. It is not only useful for deploying system software, but can help setting up Pathway environments as well as deploy system software.

Speaker: Cor Geboers

Speaker Bio: Cor is a consultant in the HPE NonStop Advanced Technology Center. He is a long time NonStop expert and specializes in the deployment of OSS based middleware and services. He concentrates on modernization and tools for production and development like NSDEE.

Modern Operation to Cloud

Session Overview: Web ViewPoint Plus is redesigned from the ground up, with many automation features and optional collectivity to Cloud.  Automated your operation, increase your productivity, and analyze your throughput; do all this securely from anywhere and any device.

Performance? Your cloud or mine?

Session Overview: Remote Analyst is reborn with new machine learning monitoring and forecasting features & totally new GUI.  Run it in your in-house cloud, or leave it on secure Amazon cloud.  Oh yes, it talks to, and can be integrated to the new Web ViewPoint.  Automated (Performance + Operation) = happy you.

Speaker: Khody Khodayari

Speaker Bio: First exposed to NonStop at his first job out of college at CitiBank, and later founding Idelji, Khody has been a fixture in the NonStop world for many years. He is passionate about bringing the latest technological advances into the NonStop spectrum.

HPE Shadowbase Synchronous Replication Feature Rollout


Session Overview: HPE Shadowbase Zero Data Loss (ZDL) is here! With this new release, data loss as a result of unplanned outage is a thing of the past. We discuss these major new HPE Shadowbase features, including: the pros and cons of asynchronous vs synchronous replication, feature rollout sequence, architectural flow, and what to consider when using synchronous replication. Don’t be left behind and learn how zero data loss can benefit you!

Speaker: Paul J. Holenstein, Executive Vice President, Gravic, Inc.

Speaker Bio: Mr. Holenstein has direct responsibility for the Gravic, Inc. Shadowbase Products Group and is a Senior Fellow at Gravic Labs, the company’s intellectual property group. He has previously held various positions in technology consulting companies, from software engineer through technical management to business development, beginning his career as a Tandem (HPE NonStop) developer in 1980. His technical areas of expertise include high availability designs and architectures, data replication technologies, heterogeneous application and data integration, and communications and performance analysis. Mr. Holenstein holds many patents in the field of data replication and synchronization, writes extensively on high and continuous availability topics, and co-authored Breaking the Availability Barrier, a three-volume book series. He received his BSCE from Bucknell University, a MSCS from Villanova University, and is an HPE Master Accredited Systems Engineer (MASE).

NonStop Server lifecycle management and operations for a worldwide production environment

Session Overview: Daimler is using NonStop technology for over 30 years. The NonStop platform is fundamental for all mission critical applications in the area of Mercedes-Benz car production. Server infrastructure and internal IT services have to fulfill highest demands in terms of availability, quality and costs. The system lifecycle follows HPE’s product roadmap and challenging business requirements. Following the presentation on GTUG 2012 in Dresden the enhancements of the NonStop infrastructure and solutions will be shown. Future development of the NonStop environment is currently discussed.

Speaker: Dr. Heinz-Michael Nitzschke, Manager IT, Production Control Systems, Daimler AG

Speaker Bio: Dr. Heinz-Michael Nitzschke is manager in IT-operations for production control systems at Mercedes-Benz Cars assembly plants and is responsible for IT-infrastructure planning, system management and 3rd level support for HPE NonStop Server environment worldwide. He has experience with NonStop over 30 years.

Security for The Brave New World

Session Overview: With NonStop moving to virtual and hybrid systems, how are platform security requirements impacted and how can compliance with legislation such as the EU’s GDPR be achieved?  The hacker is always one step ahead and an organization must develop an effective strategy to deter againstfraud, insider attacks, leaks, breaches and other forms of data theft.  After researching the latest scalable cross-platform technologies, CSP has developed solutions that address the security challenges facing mixed-platform environments including vNonStop. Callum will discuss these fundamental security challenges and how a layered approach can reduce the opportunity for hacker attacks.

Speaker: Callum Barclay, Founder and CTO, CSP

Speker Bio: As the original founder of CSP in 1987, Callum Barclay leads the technical direction of the company from its headquarters outside Toronto, Canada. Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, Callum is now leads the New Technologies Group within CSP focused on bringing pioneering security and compliance solutions to HP NonStop customers.

Bank-Verlag goes web - NEW web-based GUI on NonStop


Session Overview: As an addition to the general system monitoring and automation facilities Bank-Verlag has developed during the last years an application monitoring for Bank-Verlag’s card authorisation application has been created. This application monitoring acts as a user extention to the general monitoring facility and supports lots of parameters to check the status of the application and the necessary connections. Of course a very powerful messaging system is included. The only thing that was never in focus was a real GUI. We had statistics as an overview via Nagios (today CHECK-MK).
Because Wolfgang‘s son Sven had to do some practice as part of his studies at TH Cologne, Bank-Verlag took the chanc to let him build a web based application on the NonStop as a GUI for the monitoring of the authorisation application.
The session is intended to contain a live presentation of the GUI.

Speaker: Wolfgang Breidbach, Bank Verlag

Speaker Bio: Wolfgang has more than 40 years IT industry experience, spent in a variety of roles. Currently he is responsible for the NonStop-Systems at Bank-Verlag. Wolfgang joined Bank-Verlag in 1985, he was deeply involved in setting up the company’s IT infrastructure and migrating the Bank-Verlag from a publishing house to an IT service provider. He was responsible for setting up the DR concept of Bank-Verlag. He has set up two DR sites and has been responsible for the HP Integrity NonStop early adopter program in 2005 and and the migration to Integrity NonStop immediately afterwards.
Since 2009 he has designed and developed Bank-Verlag’s own NonStop monitoring tool because Bank-Verlag decided to use Nagios as the central monitoring server.
In 2012 he lead the replacement of Bank-Verlag’s 2 production systems by NB54000C systems without any outage visible to the customers.
Today he is responsible for 4 NonStop systems running various applications.

How to integrate HPE NonStop with modern data architectures

Session Overview: HPE NonStop servers support mission-critical operations for your business and contain data that require not only timely integration with other on-premise systems and cloud environments, but also with Hadoop and NoSQL environments to improve decision making and make the most value out of your HPE NonStop systems. In this presentation, you will learn about how to easily build a modern streaming data architecture that enables continuous data ingestion from HPE NonStop and other data sources, in-flight transformation, enrichment with external data, and streaming analytics, before the data is delivered to cloud, big data solutions, or transactional systems. The session will focus on delivering an enterprise-grade solution that is high-performance, secure, easily scales out, reliable and integrates easily with the rest of the business systems. You will also hear how other companies leverage streaming integration and analytics solutions to enhance their big data analytics, connect on-premise systems with cloud environments, detect anomalies and patterns in-time, as well as build and monitor real-time business metrics using their critical data from HPE NonStop servers.

Speaker: Cy Erbay, Sr. Director of Field Engineering, Striim

Speaker Bio: Cy is responsible for managing technical resources for both pre-sales and post-sales engagements. Prior to Striim, he served as the CTO of Altibase, Inc. – an in-memory RDBMS company with customers in financial services, utilities, and telecommunications. Between years 1998 and 2008, Cy was with Teradata. He served as Engineering Manager and Senior Software Architect. Cy spent first 10 years of his professional career in technical leadership and consulting roles working at several large enterprises such as AT&T, NCR, and Oracle.

Digitalization in Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz Cars Assembly process

Session Overview: Industrial Companies round the world are currently facing the biggest changes since decades – you can name it a fourth industrial revolution. One of Daimler’s answers to these challenges is a fully digitalized assembly process in Mercedes-Benz Cars production. Applications based on HP NonStop platforms are playing a key role in these changes.

Speaker: Michael Fleder, Manager IT Production Control Application Services & International Projects, Daimler AG

Speaker Bio: Michael is manager for Application Services for production control systems at Mercedes-Benz Cars assembly plants. His team manages all running instances of the company-owned MES system “PLUS” from application side and drives the ramp-up of all production-related IT applications at new international plants. He has got experience with HP NonStop-based applications over 15 years.

Future Application Software Technologies and Microservices


Session Overview: Achieving optimal time to market, high flexibility, low TCO and rock solid service quality seems like a tall order to many CIOs and enterprise architects. Keeping up with rapidly changing business needs and ever shorter innovation cycles requires a strong architectural foundation. In this session you’ll learn how NonStop can be used in large enterprise contexts to achieve these goals by leveraging modern and emerging software technology trends, such as microservices, APIs, polyglot infrastructures and best practices, such as DevOps, agile, CI/CD.

Speaker: Franz König

Speaker Bio: Franz manages the WW Advanced Technology Center (ATC), which consists of some of the most senior NonStop technologists/consultants, plus the ATC lab with a team of Ops experts based in Palo Alto. Besides his strong software technology, architecture and consulting background, Franz brings deepinnovation management and strategy/business/technology planning skills. Franz holds a degree in electrical engineering, an M.Sc. degree in innovation management and an MBA from the Austrian Business School & Johannes Kepler University in Linz, Austria

OmniCloudX on NonStop X: Impressive - and Affordable – Together!


Session Overview: OmniCloudX on NonStop X hosts numerous instances of the OmniPayments Financial Transaction Switch at pay-for-use prices so affordable that mid-size retailers and financial institutions now can operate own their high-capacity transaction switches. The OmniCloudX solution is continuously available with automatic failover to other NonStop X systems.  Also supplied are complete security functions for every transaction handled.  Join us as we introduce our NonStop X Thunder & Lightning demonstration. It highlights the OmniPayments capability to process 5,000 transactions per second (TPS) with only half of an NSX system in use.  The Switch has been proven to support volumes as high as 10,000 TPS. 

Speakers: Jessica Nieves and Craig Lawrance

Speaker Bio: Jessica Nieves joined OmniPayments in 2015 as Vice President, Client Services after over 14 years of experience in the transaction processing industry. She began her career as a software developer at Banco Popular de Puerto Rico (BPPR and managed development, strategy, and operations of various Banking Delivery Channels and Payments systems over the past 10 years at Evertec. Jessica now leads OmniPayments Client Services and Operations. Email jessica at omnipayments.com

Speaker Bio: Craig is Vice President, New Business Consultant EMEA. Craig brings over 15 years of sales and business development experience to OmniPayments in the NonStop and card payments fields. HIs global experiences include cross-border payments at SWIFT and HPE (Tandem) NonStop; retail card payments at Shell Retail; Base24 card and fraud management at ACI; data integration and analytics at Insession Technologies; mobile payments and EMV at Aconite-Proxama; payment resource services at Mphasis; and cybersecurity at XYPRO Technologies. Craig brings a broad knowledge of the payments industry to clients looking to embrace the most recent payments technologies of the 21st century. Email craig at omnipayments.com.



Speaker: David McLeod, Director, NonStop Enterprise Division EMEA

Speaker Bio: David is the Director of the NonStop Enterprise Division for Europe, Middle East and Africa and prior to his appointment to this role, was responsible for the Financial Services Industry in Europe, Middle East and Africa. He has retained his Financial Services responsibility and in this role he is responsible for the development and success of HP’s Financial Services business directly related to NonStop and takes a lead role in driving Payments strategy and direction across all platforms.
Prior to assuming his EMEA roles, David was responsible for sales to all industries in the ISE regions of Central and Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa (approx 96 countries) and in the pre-merger Compaq organization, he was responsible for the Finance Industry for the same region. Before that position he was the responsible Finance Sales Manager for Tandem for the Austria and Central European region.
Prior to returning to Europe he was based at the Tandem Corporation’s Headquarters in Cupertino, California during 1994 and 1995. In this position David was responsible on a global basis for Tandem’s strategies and programs for retail banking and, in particular, focused upon the electronic delivery/remote banking area.
In the past, David also worked with Tandem in Canada where he was responsible for finance industry marketing, as well as in Europe (both Amsterdam and London) where he was responsible for both the banking and capital markets areas at the EMEA level. David joined Tandem in 1987 in Canada and operated at the country, division, and at the corporate level of the company.
Prior to joining Tandem, David worked for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce for 11 years at its headquarters in Toronto.
David has been active in associations related to technology in the banking industry and was a member of the board of the Electronic Funds Transfer Association in the United States during 1994 and 1995.

Wholesale Banking at ING, past, present & future…


Session Overview: ING has been using the Atlas/GBS application since 1988, for International Wholesale branches worldwide. A lot has changed during this time! This presentation briefly covers the history but also the more recent challenges and developments and tells the story of how a ‘contained’ application is flourishing more than ever…

Speaker: Inez van Holtz, Team Manager, ING Bank

Speaker Bio: Inez is the team manager for IT Service Delivery, managing a very international and geographically spread team of experts.

Real World Migrations Using Data Replication


Session Overview: User presentation showing how migrations, Upgrades & DR capability were achieved using various data replication software. This presentation highlights how two companies with different needs resolved their migration and DR capability issues using different data replication solutions.

Speaker: Rick Stather, Senior consultant, TCM

Speaker Bio: Rick has over 30 years HP NonStop exposure and started way back on the NonStop I platform. He has primarily been working on cards/banking systems. Before joining TCM, Rick worked for the Bank Of England where he was the manager of the RTGS infrastructure team. Rick was also the former Vice Chairman and Chairman of BITUG.

Keeping your data ‘For yo#2 636& only’


Session Overview: In a world of PCI and impending GDPR compliance, peer pressure, common sense and data breaches, never mind the sheer risk of not doing something to protect your sensitive data, we ask: Why has there been so little progress? We look at organisations who have employed tokenisation and protection of data at rest and ask: Why did they choose to act and what did they do? Finally we examine, what’s still stopping you from doing the same and how comForte can make it easier!

Speaker: John Bycroft, VP Sales Europe & Africa, comForte21 GmbH

Speaker Bio: John Bycroft has a strong vertical market track-record in Finance, banking and retail payments systems; including atm, point of sale, SWIFT, AML, Sanctions Compliance, Cash and Liquidity management.. John is also an authority on Retail Payments Systems, SWIFT systems, Fraud detection and management, Treasury Systems, Risk Management and Liquidity. Since 2015 John works for comForte in Sales and Business Development EMEA.

NonStop Development Futures and Roadmap


Session Overview: HPE NonStop Vision including high level discussions about HPE Virtualised NonStop and Database Services.

Virtualised NonStop


Session Overview: High level overview of HPE Virtualised NonStop, deeper discussion into details, open discussion about current customer private cloud solutions.

Speaker: Andrew Bergholz, HPE

Speaker Bio: Andrew is the Senior Director of Development of HPE NonStop and is responsible for defining the NonStop vision and developing core technologies. He provides overall leadership and direction for strategy, architecture, development, quality assurance, and program management for the NonStop Business Unit. Andrew has served in many different capacities in HPE NonStop for almost 20 years, including architect for Entry Class Versatile I/O (VIO) and senior management roles responsible for Program Management, Customer Engagement, and Software Development. Andrew holds an M.B.A from the University of Phoenix and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.


Blockchain Technology


Session Overview: This is a high-level overview of Blockchain technology. It will introduce what it provides and its limitations as a database system and as an application framework. It will consider how Blockchain might be relevant in the world of NonStop and how NonStop users might approach it.

Speaker: Moore Ewing

Speaker Bio: Moore has been involved with application and database design from batch to Cloud.
A long-time NonStop proponent he has recently left HPE.
He now takes a freelance interest in the latest developments in these fields.

XYGATE SecurityOne – The Next Generation of Security for the HPE NonStop

Session Overview: Cyber criminals are relentlessly driving to break into systems, get to data, wreak havoc and cause disruption to fulfil their malicious objectives. Keeping your most critical assets secure is challenging for any business. Limited staff, budgets and evolving criminal tactics can put you at a disadvantage. In this session, we will discuss how XYGATE SecurityOne (XS1), XYPRO’s newest solution, leverages intelligent data and analytics to tip the scale in your favour and provide the visibility needed for real time context based security decisions and risk management.  We’re looking forward to sharing the latest update from our XS1 customers and an exciting announcement about new functionality, coming very soon!

Speaker: Steve Tcherchian

Speaker Bio: Steve Tcherchian, CISSP, PCI-ISA, PCIP is the Chief Information Security Officer and SecurityOne Product Manager for XYPRO Technology.  Steve is on the ISSA CISO Advisory Board and a member of the ANSI X9 Security Standards Committee. With almost 20 years in the cybersecurity field, Steve is responsible for XYPRO’s new security product line as well as overseeing XYPRO’s risk, compliance, infrastructure and product security to ensure the best security experience to customers in the Mission-Critical computing marketplace.

Adapt or Die – The NonStop Skills Gap

Session Overview: The incredible advances in technology we are witnessing through the latest range of NonStops suggests a positive future for the platform. However, with HPE focussed on developing tomorrow’s technology solutions, as a community we must take up the challenge of building a sustainable eco-system of support, or face a widespread NonStop skills gap.

Speaker: Daniel Craig, Operations Director, TCM

Speaker Bio: Daniel has been with TCM for seven years performing roles in marketing, business development and project management. As Operations Director, he is responsible for the development of new service solutions across EMEA and America, working with partners and customers to maintain the supply of high-quality NonStop support, now and into the future.



Session Overview: MQ v8 for HPE NonStop has evolved significantly since IBM announced its intention to bring a modern MQ server product to the HPE NonStop platform.  This session covers the broad shape of the MQ v8 product, its architecture, and gives an update on the latest beta releases. The session concludes with an outlook on the progress towards a production release of MQ v8 on NSX and NSI.

Speaker: David Ward, IBM

Speaker Bio: David is a Senior Software Engineer in the IBM MQ development team and is based in the United States.  David was been working with MQ product design and architecture for 17 years and is presently the IBM development lead and architect for MQ v8 on NonStop.


Moving to NonStop X via a proof of concept


Session Overview: The customer had been using a NonStop i system which was not that busy for OLTP but had some challenges around batch performance which could not easily be solved. Migrating to NonStop X offered a potential to solve these issues along with a TCO reduction. In order to prove the advantages of a NonStop X solution the customer wanted to undertake a proof of concept covering the main ISV application and other in house applications including risk management. This evaluated performance and ensured application code migrated from Itanium to x86 sucessfully in order that a decision to fully migrate to NonStop X was made.

Speaker: Holger Villringer

Speaker Bio: Holger has more than 20 years IT industry experience, spend in a variety of roles. He joined the NonStop division of Compaq in 2000 as Presales Consultant. Holger worked in various positions as Solution Architect for NonStop with focus on DR concept and security, mainly in the FSI sector. Before that he worked at SAP and in the mid-90s for a Californian start-up company developing Raid-Systems. Holger has an accreditation as an Information Electronics Technician, he studied economics and computer science and holds a diploma of the University of Heidelberg.

EVOLUTION: seamless migration from GoldenGate to DRNet


Session Overview: Have you been trapped on GoldenGate with limited support? Have you been waiting for over 2 years for a path to the NonStopX?

NTI is excited to announce EVOLUTION. Now you can convert GoldenGate to DRNet and migrate to NonStopX with zero customer facing outages, zero programming, and zero loss of transactions! And with the introduction of LiveLink support for both GoldenGate and DRNet platforms, migrations result in little to no risk.

With Evolution you can now say YES to that NonStopX upgrade.

Speaker: Jim McFadden, Director of Business Development, NTI

Speaker Bio: Jim McFadden is Director of Business Development for NTI. He has spent almost 40 years working on the NonStop. He began in 1979 leading the early development efforts for Base24 at ACI Worldwide. He was instrumental in the launch of GoldenGate. He has been a pioneer in the field of data replication for disaster avoidance. He was with ACI affiliated businesses for 25 years. For the past 15 years he has led NTI worldwide business development.

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